1 June 2014

Inspire me Monday #14

I thought this was worthy of its own post for "Inspire me Monday" today, because its such a brilliant idea. ideastosteal.today is a website that promotes sharing of ideas, and the desire of the creative industry to get their brilliant idea out into the world, even if they can't produce it themselves.

It gives ideas a second chance in life, a life where they might get a fair chance and not be shot down by a Creative Director, client or research group. Ideas you were passionate about and you worked so hard on "you'd give your right arm just to see them get made".

Well, after several years working for a big name advertising agency in London, I know that frustration all too well. So I commend the folks who are generously sharing their ideas and creativity for the greater good, and I keep my fingers crossed for those lonely ideas needing a good home.